Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Alright, so for tonight, I decided to share a story about my two cool cousins.πŸ’• The story that I will share to my readers is about something that people think it might be cliche πŸ‘Šand just a small matters but actually there is an important thing that I want to portray. πŸ‘€

This happened yesterday. To avoid the confusing, I mentioned their name as Iz and Qi. πŸ‘­

Both of them were going to my house, to visit my niece, Alisya πŸ‘Ά. There was no traffic jammed on that day. When they stopped and waiting for the traffic light to turn green, they have a chit chat, laughed but still keep on focused to the traffic light. In front of them was a lorry. In a few minutes, it turned green, but the lorry didn't moved yet. πŸ’¨

Suddenly, a bump sound heard. Iz and Qi looked at each other. Then a man came out from his car and checked his car first. I mentioned again, he checked his car first! Forgot to mention, maybe he just too care about his VOLKSWAGEN πŸ’£*Yela, kereta mahal ye dok.* He didn't care about my cousin's car yang dia langgar tadi.πŸ’©  And boleh pula dia cakap " saya ingatkan awak dah gerak sebab saya tengok traffic light dah hijau." My cousin replied,"Macam mana saya nak gerak kalau lori depan saya tak gerak lagi?"πŸ’’  Qi tried to be cooled but the man kept increased his voice.

Untuk pendekkan cerita, they went to the workshop to repair my cousin's car. So, it cost the man about RM 180.πŸ‘΄ The one thing that I annoyed about this man is, when he wanted to give the money to the workshop's worker, he said "Saya bayar eh, tengok saya bayar." with full of arrogant! He didn't even say 'sorry my mistake' or just a 'sorry' and that will be enough. But nothing, he just paid and go sambil angkat tangan.  πŸ‘‹

So the thing is, even bukan awak yang buat salah ke apa, just say sorry with full of your heart. Down your ego. Kalau salah awak, memang awaklah yang kena minta maaf, bukannya ego tinggi melangit.  Ego tinggi-tinggi nak pergi mana? Terbang? Tak jauh mana pun terbangnya tu πŸ˜€ Betullah  orang kata, perkataan maaf tu nampak je senang, tapi sebenarnya susah nak diungkap. Setuju?


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