Hey, whats up guys. Sorry for the time taken to construct this blog again. 😞 I don't have the internet connection before obviously it is sad right haha.

However, now i come up with a good news!πŸ’ž Kinda excited thoughπŸ˜‰. So maybe you wondering what is the entry that I'm gonna post today? Am I right😏? Or you just 'ergh I don't even care about your entry lil gal.πŸ˜’' Hope so it is not like that hahaπŸ˜‚.

Let me tell you the good news! πŸ’£
On 17th April 2017, I'm official Acu !πŸ’† Basically, my sis-in-law gave birth to a beautiful daughter ! Omg, for the first time I saw her, I was just like...speechless and there's no words I can describe how happy I am on that day. I just wanna shout to the world and say " I HAVE A NIECE! WORLD, LISTEN TO ME!😭 " haha

And it's been almost a month. Oh forgot to mention her name.. My niece's name is Nur Alisya Qaisara ! Such a beautiful name right? Suits for the lil baby girl 😍

look at the cheeks! wanna bite it haha πŸ˜‚

I stop here, till we meet again in the next entry. πŸ’‹


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Komen yang elok2 tau ! terima kasih datang ke blog ni ! nanti datang lagi ek? rajin-rajinlah bagi komennnnnn~ ^.^v