'Men are trash' vs 'Women are trash'

Bismillah. In the name of Allah.

Alright, so this is my second post for 2k18. Actually, there are a lot of things happened in this blessed year. But, me as a human, i don't even have any ideas what I'm going to share with all of you guys. Just these past few days, I thought it is been a long time i didn't updated anything in my blog. So here we go! I'll try to spend my time to type ( which is one of the things i don't like yet but i do have an ambition to become a writer tho haha ) 

So, I've decided to put the caption for today's post 'Men are trash' vs 'Women are trash'. I do not know whether this is just my instinct or observation or even just a coincidence, but what i realized was this year seems like a year full of broken heart. A lot of divorce, break up, or even families problems happen. I know, all of these things are common and usually happened but i do not know why this year it is like out of control. 

Let me pick some examples around me. I do have some friends that through a toxic relationship and got broke up because they got dumped and cheated by someone they loved. Sometimes i do feel curious and i don't even know HOW you can cheated on the person you used to give a lot of hopes ? HOW fast can you give up on someone that support you through ups and down ? Just because of the mistakes they made ? HOW fast you forget their kindness to you and you left her like she don't have any feelings? HOW fast you moved on and find someone with the 'excuses' the new one is better than her ? Like seriously ? ( Sorry. I'm a bit emotional haha )

Even, we read in the soc med, lots of divorce things and I cant imagine if those thing happens to my relative or even to myself. I don't even know whether I am strong enough to face it. Like honestly, people said " Orang yang meninggalkan, takkan rasa sakitnya ditinggalkan sehingga satu hari kifarah datang kepadanya." I do agree with this statement tho. Just remember, life is a cycle. What you give, you get back.

The funniest thing is when i scrolled my twitter timeline, there will be some tweets like 'Men are trash.' or 'Women are trash.' I laughed. In this case, I didn't blame men or women. I didn't blame anyone. And I didn't support women 100%. What i know is, in relationship maybe there were mistakes in both side. So, they just need to give and take. And  FORGIVE ! In my point of view, it is not about sex to define someone. It is about their attitude. How you treat others. How you appreciate your partners, did you take them for granted, did you show efforts on him/her, or it is just like 'dah dapat, buat apa kena usaha lagi.' ? Please, dont do like this. Everything comes from yourself, your heart.

So, to my friends and to those, who are struggling to move on or to heal the damages you feel right now, I pray may HE removes your pain and sadness, and replace it with the HAPPINESS. I know, move on will never ever be easy and it will never be! But trust me, BACK TO HIM, CRY TO HIM and GIVE ALL YOUR HEART TO HIM, and you will find peace. HE will heal your broken heart, HE owns you, HE owns everything in this world. 

Don't worry too much if you're single. It is not wrong to be single. In fact, you will have a lot of time for your family and best friends. Go travel, do some outdoor activities, make yourself busy! So why must full your life with sadness? The right one will come at the right time. Enjoy and stay happy!

I'll catch you guys for the next post!


DONE Diploma

Bismillah. In the name of Allah.

Hye readers! Wow, i guessed this is my first post for 2k18! Can you imagine how long i didnt post anything here? *sigh

So, I have officially done my diploma. I cant believe that I managed to go through all the difficulties. And I don't know how many times i felt of giving up, tired, exhausted and sometimes i felt like why i take this diploma. Why i continue in this field? Oh BTW, i took Diploma in Investment Analysis. The last semester was really exhausted, cant get enough sleep and rest ( But I've had enough sleep during my study week though ). Busy with the presentations, assignments and final year project. 

Honestly, I am not a clever student. I am not an A+ student. I am not a presentable student nor outstanding, and I admit that I am a sleepyhead. I tried my best to finish my diploma, make my parents proud of me, get flying colors in examinations ( even there were two subjects that i have failed for both tests and i felt like it is better for me to die HAHA  ), and praise be to Allah, I will graduate my diploma with ANC yayy. Actually this is my mission and goal when i started my diploma life. I know it will have a broken heart part, give up and fed and it is not easy to go through all these difficulties without motivations and supporters. Somehow, I have people around me especially my family that keep on supporting me, gives advice, strength, and of course I cant achieved all of this without HIM. Allah The Greatest.

I have some things play in my mind. Sometimes I think, even I have the diploma, can I find a job in this era? In this economy? What should I be in the future? What position I would rather be? Am I will fulfill the qualifications for industries? All these things sometimes played in mind like a cassette. I cant deny it. However, I believe and have faith in HIM. I know HE already arranged somethings better for me, somethings that me myself don't even know what it is about. 

So, all I can do, we can do as Allah's servants are pray. Pray the best for us. Because HE knows everything. Thus, I pray for all of you, best of luck! Take care guys! I'll catch you in the next post! 



HAI pembaca yang comel molek sekalian.

Wah, rasanya dah lama tak update blog! last update pun bulan Februari tak silap. maklumlah sibuk sikit sejak jadi student ni >..< Banyak assignment dan presentation yang kena buat. balik-balik kelas je memang tak dan nak bukak blog semua hehehe

Sekarang ni, aku ada satu minat or kesukaan baru! Ya Allah :)

Apa itu, apa itu??

Aku sekarang ni TERsuka beli barang online! Ni mungkin sebab rapat dengan member yang suka beli barang online jadi aku pun terjebak sama >.< hehe tapi okaylah, asalkan tak terjebak dengan perkara yang tak elok sudahlah kan?

okay so what's the point?

Baru-baru ni, aku beli AbshaOil. Ha ni nak habaq mai. Sajalah dah tersebut barang orang, better promote sekali kan? Okay.. AbshaOil ini adalah satu minyak ataupun serum untuk melebatkan bulu mata dan keninggggg.. sesiapa yang tak ada kening hihihi *ada kening tapi halus* bolehlah cuba AbshaOil ni :) Bagi sesiapa yang nak lebatkan dan panjangkan lagi bulu mata anda, boleh cubaa! Belum cuba belum tahu! Tak kenal maka tak cinta, orang kata..  AbshaOil ni produk dari Arab. InshaAllah dijamin halal dan merupakan produk dari bahan organik. InshaAllah tak bahaya :) So, sesiapa yang berminat, bolehlah ke Instagram Abshabeautyworld. Harga inshaAllah berpatutan dan kebanyakkan harganya dah include POSTAGE!!!! *SISEXCITED*

Aku baru consume produk ni dalam 5 hari je. Tiap-tiap harilah sapu AbshaOil ni dekat bulu mata hahaha, and kesannyaaaaaaaaa jeng jeng jeng! Bulu mata semakin lebat dan mulai panjanggggg! suka ke tak suka? mestilahhh! Alhamdulillah.

Jadi, tak payahlah korang nak pakai bulu mata palsu yang sememangnya Haram.. Korang ada bulu mata original yang panjangnya setanding dengan bulu mata palsu tau.. So grab it now lovelies!



Hello, nice to meet all of u again ! 

Alhamdulillah syukur, ada P1 angah, so bolehlah aku update blog yang rasanya dah lama tak update. Line P1 masih laju heheeh . Last entry bulan sept 2014 tahun lepas. iya, TAHUN LEPASSSSS!

Tahun lepas, tahun terakhir aku bersekolah, pakai uniform sekolah, pakai nametag sekolah, lencana sekolah. Ah, senang cita semua sekolah la! And yes, this year, aku akan masuk UNIVERSITI ! *menangis* this year, this year this year *Mak Jemah kecoh*  Harap dapat Uni yang dekat hahaha bolehlah balik rumah selalu hahaha ceh jangan nak mengada. --"

Okaylah, straight to the topic kita harini la.. NEXT WEEK ! Maybe pada yang bukan batch 97, dorang akan pelik. Kenapa dengan 'next week' ? However, untuk batch 97, next week adalah hari yang paling buat kami ni kecut perut. Mungkin tak bagi korang, tapi bagi aku, iyaaa!!! 

3 Mac nantilah hari yang dinantikan oleh semua pelajar hahahahaha keputusan SPM KELUAR ! yay sikit. On that day, kita akan tengok macam-macam reaksi. Gembira, sedih, speechless, surprise dan mungkin akan ada histeria hahaha ish jahat aku. minta2 dijauhkan.. heee.. Kita dah buat yang terbaik, dan habis baik. so pada hari ambil result nanti, kenalah redha dengan apa-apa result yang kita dapat. (Usaha > Doa > Tawakal > Syukur *dpt result*)

Kenalan aku pernah cakap "Orang yang gagal SPM ni, tak semestinya dia gagal dalam kehidupannya. kadang tu, dia lebih berjaya daripada kawan2 dia yang cemerlang SPM." And aku mmg sokong 100% kata-kata beliau. Kita sama-samalah berdoa supaya dapat kejayaan yang cemerlang duniya wal akhirah. Insha-Allah.

NotaTangan: Blogskins baru and tak ada lagu. credit to Miichiko sebab buat skins yang cantik utk blog. 

NotaKaki: 3rd March, phone mood >>>>> OFF *hahaha*